Testimonials for Silverio Massage Therapy


Annamaria Kovacs

I have tried many massage therapist but nobody comes close to Gerico! I’ve have been a customer for over 8 yrs now and I am thankful for him for what he does. He is genuine, he cares and he is an amazing person. Many years ago after my disc injury he massaged me back to be able to walk and function again! I am a loyal customer ever since. From the bottom of my heart I recommend him. He is simply the best!

Nina Antillon

Very good at paying attention to what needs to be done. Very inexpensive. Very professional. Willing to work with you on what you feel is needed. The massage therapist is nice. Will be going again regularly. Thank you Silverio Massage Therapy.

Jessica London

Silverio massage helped me after a car accident left me in chronic pain. The sports style massage and other deep muscle releasing techniques in just the first session allowed me to stand up straight after months of being hunched over. The therapist had several Thai, Rolfing, and lymphatic manipulations and realigned my spine better than any chiropractor ever has. I literally had tears of joy after a 90 minute massage because I wasn’t in pain anymore. I enjoy weekly maintenance massages to keep my joints and neck pliable. Therapist extremely proficient with sports injuries and my rotator cuff problems have been resolved! Also, therapist skilled at draining the toxins through lymph guidance so the toxins released during massage are not reabsorbed. Thank you Jesus Christ for Silverio massage!!!!! Highly recommend for anyone who needs manual fascia release and muscles smoothed out like you’re a teenager again! Miracle massage indeed!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🏆

Chandra Peterson

I am a physical therapist with over 40 years of experience & have known Gericho as my massage therapist for the past 8 plus years!
He is very knowledgeable in the human anatomy, physiology injuries & impairments. Has successfully treated my rotator cuff sprain.
The best massage therapist who never stops learning & growing & benefiting his clients!
His hands are blessed!

Linda Recania

I have been a client of Gericho for over 6 years and he’s always been very professional and a gentleman. He helped me through a back injury years ago. I love Ballroom Dancing Competition and in 2017 will be 70 yrs old. With his massage therapy, I keep my body moving and hope to for many more years.

Anna Saleres

Been getting massages for over 45 years now, gericho is the best I have ever had! His skills and knowledge of his trade is unmatchable! Very humble, down to earth and personable. I give him 10 star!

Mike Measday

I have been going to Gericho for years. He is simply the best. Very knowledgeable and effective. I’ve never had a masseuse that comes close.

Ashley Diaz

Very pleasant experience. I recieved a deep tissue massage . I felt like a new person afterwards. I would definitely go back and recommend Silverio Massage to all my friends! Very professional and relieved tension in my specified target stress areas like I requested.

Kevin Newman II

I get two sports massages weekly from Mr Silverio and they are a key part of my training and recovery program he’s the best in town!

Simoneta Soriano

Knowledgeable, skilled, and thorough massage therapist! Highly recommend!

Ginger Allen

I have been getting massages for 20 years and I have to say Gericho is the best. I have been a customer now for about 3 years and I remain loyal. His experience and genuine care is transferred to his client. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend this massage therapist.


Maria DeMeo reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

January 13 at 9:11am · 

The best I’ve ever had in 33 years! Makes me feel new again. Very professional, very proficient and I’m addicted to his massage. It’s a necessity for me with Gericho I’m in great hand. He worked on my husband to and made him walk again. We thank God for him! Highly recommendable 😊

Karen Vail-Bryant reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

June 14, 2016 · 

Gerico is a healer of the body, mind & soul ! He is able takes the stress out of your body, he removes the daily grind from your neck to your shoulders right down to your toes! He takes the time to understand your needs and personalizes your experience! He is truly a gifted massage therapist!


Zayne A. reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

May 30, 2015

I just had a session with Gericho a few days ago and I must say that I’m very happy.

He took good care of me and streched me out real good. He really knows his stuff and as you’ll be able to tell on the wall he has earned certificates in many different modalities which makes him an expert in his field. I felt really good and relaxed afterward, not only that I had the best night sleep that day. Now I understand that it might take a little time for the body to get back into balance after so many years of being out of wack so I will definitely go back in a couple of weeks. I like the fact that he’s not a pushy salesman trying to get you to come back every week. He told me that I could wait at least 2-3 between session but no more than a month so as not to lose the benefits of the previous session. I highly recommend this guy. He’s knowledgeable, Honest and his fee is reasonable.

Francisca R. reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

February 27, 2015

Highly recommend Gericho. Always has a smile and always ready to listen and work with his clients to figure out their needs.

Belinda C. reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

December 14, 2014

Gericho is truly the best in the business! I do not give out 5 star kudos very often at all. I have been receiving monthly massages usually 2x per month from Gericho for the last 5 years. I have had massages by many other people, but once I found Gericho there was no other for me. He is not only very knowledgeable in his field, but he is able to explain what is going on with the trouble points. I had a major surgery two years ago and I found Gericho massages to be very therapeutic. He is always on time and such a true pleasure to chat with. I thank him for his talents and abilities to heal. I would recommend him implicitly.
Linda S. reviewed Silverio Massage Therapy — 5 star

December 12, 2014

I have received weekly massage therapy from Gericho Silverio for the last six years. As an elementary teacher, I need to be able to sit on the floor. As I am getting older, sitting “criss cross apple sauce” on the floor is not an easy task. With his experience in the medical field as well as massage therapy, Gericho knows how to massage my muscles to ensure ease in movement. When I have problems with my allergies, Gericho applies pressure to acupuncture points on my face to give me clear breathing once again. Every once in a while, if it has been a stressful day or week, he is able to locate the troubled area, address the knots, and relieve the built up tension in my neck and upper back. Last, I am a hiker, and I regularly strain various muscles in my legs. Gericho knows how to handle such situations, and after my massage, I am ready to hit the trail. He has been a blessing in my life. I would strongly recommend him to anyone needing massage therapy.